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Here is not only a clean configuration of Emacs but a full working bundle that I use daily for personal and professional developments ; it can be installed and working in two minutes.
If you already have a working Emacs configuration, the install process avoids to overwrite your configuration and you can go back easily.
This bundle only works on a Unix-like system and has been tested on Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze and Wheezy. However : this program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty ; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


Some Emacs packages are not distributed in the bundle because they are usually provided as system package.

If you're in a hurry and lucky to run on Debian/Ubuntu GNU/Linux, you can execute the following command line as root (sudo for the Ubuntu users) in order to install some useful system packages that will be handle by my configuration :

If you want a customized installation of the system packages handle by my configuration, here is the list of the packages provided by Debian that you must or must not install depending of the feature you want to enable.


Now you can grab the bundle and install it with the following command lines (you can change emacs.d with an other name, it will be the new repository where the bundle lives).

  git clone git:// emacs.d
  cd emacs.d
  git checkout -b mybranch
  chmod u+x ./

Keep up to date

If you want to customize this configuration, but want to be update of my changes without any conflicts, you can write your own code in two files :

To retrieve my changes, execute these commands in the directory where lives the code (~/emacs.d the default)

  git commit -a -m 'My configuration changes'
  git fetch origin
  git merge origin/master

If you encounter any problem you can revert to your last configuration by executing :

  git reset --hard HEAD
Further information on git visioning system in Git Reference.

Know issue

My configuration has a minor conflict with icicles, if you want absolutely the icicles features let me know.

Report bug and request

Thank to report bug and request here.

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2018-04-11 pivaldiAdd support for scss master
2018-04-11 pivaldiAdd org-mode to package
2018-04-04 pivaldiFix typescript ng2-ts-mode complete filename
2018-03-31 pivaldiRemoce personnal emacs note
2018-03-31 pivaldiFix doc
2018-03-31 pivaldiMake documentation for github
2018-03-31 pivaldiImprove typescript config
2018-03-31 pivaldifix bbdb gnus intefration
2018-03-22 pivaldiAdd key map bidding ¹ tp "=>" as php array arrow in...
2018-03-21 pivaldiAdd support for highlight-indent-guides
2018-03-19 pivaldiDoc snippets
2018-03-19 pivaldiAdd hlissner-snippets
2018-03-12 pivaldiMake C-, and C-; global and replace C-; by C-ù (french...
2018-03-08 pivaldiTypescript features
2018-02-27 pivaldiAdd disparead snippeds...
2018-02-27 pivaldiuseful macro for typescript
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